Tattoo Removal – Latest Technology

Date: 21/11/14

There is no doubt tattoos are a form of artistic expression. Each one has its own personal meaning and story behind it. However, over time, circumstances can change and so too can the feelings toward certain tattoo choices.

At one point in your life you may have thought getting a tattoo of your girlfriends name on your chest was a great idea, only for things to go sour years down the track. You’re at the point where you can’t even bear hearing her name without wanting to vomit a little bit, so what do you do with that constant reminder of your past inscribed on your chest?
Let’s talk about the latest technology in tattoo removal and how it can help you with those not so great choices.

According to the Courier Mail, unlike the nano-laser, this new technology which has been available in Queensland since earlier this year, is said to be 10 times more effective. The laser only works on inked areas by blowing the ink into tiny pieces so the body can later absorb it. There is no heat, burning, scarring or tissue damage.
The internet is buzzing over this latest technology, with good reason. Although expensive due to not being covered by insurance, it can reduce laser treatment sessions by half! Of course, this will vary between different skin tones and tattoo boldness or colour.
With about a quarter of Australians under the age of 30 wanting to get their tattoos removed, it is no wonder many are turning to this latest form of treatment for an effective removal.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to remove the tattoo completely, consider seeing a tattooist who specialises in cover ups. Turning the old into a fantastic new piece of ink might be a better option for you.